I couldn’t be more pleased with Josh.  He is knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive.  He is also enthusiastic about getting me ready for my trip (hiking the John Muir Trail), making me feel as if he is truly a partner… someone who is fully engaged with me in reaching my fitness goals.

He listens to my desired fitness outcomes and customizes the fitness program accordingly, but he also isn’t afraid to exert his expertise and tell me what I need… this willingness to be candid is very important when hiring any advisor.
– Greg Schick, San Francisco

Two words best describe Mr. Brandt, “Aerobic Alchemist”. His workouts are infused with challenging and creative variations of core conditioning while preserving basic tenets. After training with Josh I noticed an all around increase in muscular endurance especially during weight training and avid activities I enjoy. In particular, his training afforded me a stamina and core strength that translated into pushing my surfing towards a direction I wasn’t achieving by more conventional workouts. Its obvious Josh enjoys what he does and he’s enthusiastic about designing a regiment that helps you achieve your goals. Plus he’s probably one of the most pleasant sadists you’ll ever meet.
– Ian B., San Francisco

If you work out, you owe it to yourself to experience Josh’s training methodology. Josh challenged and pushed my body both physically and mentally. You may think you know everything there is to know about working out, and about your body, but a session with Josh will sure to challenge those pre-conceived notions.
– Ofir Levy, Palo Alto

JB is great to work out with because he’s very knowledgeable and likes to push the envelope. After the workouts I’m always completely drained and we work my whole body, especially the core. I love to play basketball, surf, and ski and after working out with JB for a few months I was much stronger through my core which directly helped me do the things that I love better and longer. The workouts are varied which is key to keep them fun and interesting. I highly recommend working out with JB.
– Andrew Barous, San Francisco